Please phone before visiting.

A place to enjoy golf with family and friends. More than a Par 3 or pitch and putt we offer a golf course with shorter hole lengths that all ages and abilities can enjoy together.

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Enjoy golf!

The latest survey into golf participation in the UK by Syngenta suggests that golfers want family friendly venues, with relaxed dressed codes and attitudes and that are playable in under 5 hours. GREAT NEWS!! We tick all the boxes – come and see what we have to offer.

New Clubhouse hours

We have changed our opening times to meet customer demands. We have significantly reduced clubhouse opening times to 10.30am until 1.00pm. To play outside these hours please book a tee time.

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Our new loyalty membership. From the date of registration (FREE) every pound spent on green fees counts towards the cost of membership. Once you've spent the equivalent of membership (or wish to upgrade) you become a member for the rest of the year. No catch. No cost.